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I made a visit to Goode Company Seafood on Westpark drive in Houston last week.  Goode is a great restaurant, food and service is outstanding.

These oysters were as good as they get.  The St. Arnold’s Stout was a perfect compliment to the oysters.

Santa Might Be Late & Avatar Review

We saw this DEC25 helicopter today.  I think it uses spiked eggnog as fuel.

On the spur of the moment we went to a late afternoon showing of Avatar. We are on vacation in the West Valley and saw it in a new Ultra something theater in Surprise.  Not sure if the name of the theater UltraMax, UltraPricy or UltraStar.  Nice small and quiet crowd.    Make sure you have comfy seats for this 2 hour 40 minute 3D spectacle.  3D and computer effects are remarkable.  Cameron tells a creative sci-fi story.  The action and story move quick so when you walk out of the theater you then realize that you just killed three hours in the movie house.  Entertaining.

Fascinating to me were the preview commercials, insurance companies and military recruitment ads.  I guess if you sign up you won’t need the umbrella policy.  A skin lotion had a creative ad with performers on strings, acting as moisturizer molecules, bouncing through the layers of skin (should have been filmed in 3D).   The next wave of 3D films is coming next spring and the trailers indicate to me that Springtime will be better spent outside.    The best promo was for the new 3D ultra sound interactive movie chair.   Sit in this chair and watch the movie with the full experience, feel the ocean waves, sonic booms, car crashes and caressing touches…all with your cheeks in this high tech seat.