Kentucky and Romania

Dracula Blood Caberneit and Merlot. Wines from Romania. Found at Valli Produce. Wine is acceptable. Was enjoyed. It didn’t give me any superpowers, but I did feel like the Count from the Muppets show.

Blantons bottling line in Frankfort, KY. Buffalo Trace distillary. Did a tour and picked up two bottles of Pappy Van Winkle, a Bourbon with more wheat. Blantons is more rye. One Pappy bottle went to a friend turning the big six-o. The other bottle waits. No report on the Pappy to date.

One thought on “Kentucky and Romania

  1. Chetan

    I sure hope so. Not to be a bourbon hsitper, but it does seem that Four Roses’ limited editions have become less limited in recent years. I had to go back home to Kentucky to get the 2008 and 2009 small batch limited (mariage) editions. They were releases of 3491 and 3432 bottles respectively. The 2011 small batch and 2012 single barrel limited editions were the first Four Roses ltd eds I saw in Texas. They were releases of 3792 and 5178 bottles. I’m not going to accuse Four Roses of limited edition inflation , but I do find it interesting that they had to have dumped something like 25 barrels (assuming about 200 bottles per barrel) to release their single barrel limited edition.

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