Late Response to Some Questions on Simplistix

Questions from Darren:

1) how did you make the sidebar headers bold? for some reason mine are in caps but not bold…

The headers on the sidebar are using the defaults in the Simplistix theme. The headers are affected by line 311 in the simplistix style.css file (found in your simplistix theme folder).

2) is there a way to make the font larger (like the one that appears in this box that i’m writing in?) if so, where is that!

The comment box text size is set by the textarea style;

.textarea, textarea {
width: 400px;
margin: 0;
background: #ffffff;
color: #333333;
font-size: 14px;

I changed the text size by adding the font-size: 14px; within the textarea section in the style.css file. (I’m not sure if you created a child theme or are simply editing the style.css in the simplistix theme).

3) do you know if you can show slideshows?

Check out the image viewers from AirTight Interactive

Here are a couple of sites that have WordPress plug-ins for slideshows:

Zen Photo

WordPress Lightbox JS plugin


I need to include some photosets on my blog. I’ve been meaning to do this for several months. Stay tuned for examples.

4) how did you get those rss icons to show on your categories?

The icons showed up by default with the Simplistix theme.

Items 1 and 4 suggest you may have an issue with the installation of your theme. Be sure to check that you unzipped the theme and included all of the files when you uploaded the theme to your site.

It is worthwhile to install Firebug if you are using FireFox. This tool lets you inspect the style elements of your blog and make interactive changes.

Why not post your blog address? I’ll delete it from the comments if you don’t want it public. It would be helpful to take a peek at your site to see what is happening.

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