Hello Rick,

Could you please fill out attached New Customer Information sheet for
us? It’s our procedure for every new customer. Upon receipt of your
response, we will provide necessary information.



Unfortunately I cannot open your encrypted spreadsheet attachment. My full contact information is below and I described my situation in my original email text to you. Could you have a salesperson call me?

Thank you,


Hi Rick,

Sorry it was 2007 file. Please try attached.
Please fill out information on the form.


ΓΌ Please consider the environment before printing this e-mail.

That was the email response I received from a technical sales & support center. Of course the spreadsheet asked me for my contact information and model number of product I’m using, the exact same information which was in my email. Just pick up the phone and call me.

Hello Rick,

Thank you for your patient. Really appreciated.

Please see attached Terms and Conditions. The price are slightly different between Exchange and Repair.

If you are interested, in order to open account in our system, please fill out credit application form attached and send back. Also I attached Standard Purchase Order requirement sheet. Please refer this when you place order. Anyway, please let me know if you have any questions of concerns.


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