Simplistix Theme and Multiple Columns in a WordPress Page

Sam Burge is a developer in the UK who created a WordPress plug-in which allows one to make posts with multiple columns. wp post columns 2.0. This is a very useful plugin if you want to separate information into multiple columns (you could use html table tags, not recommended, use tables for data).

I did give Sam a nudge to develop version 2.0. His first version was just two columns and I wanted three. I did a modification and sent it to him, he liked it and generalized to any number of columns. It was a good exercise for me since I was able learn more details about WordPress.

The plug-in uses simple tags to create columns. Here are some examples:

Two Columns in a WordPress Page

Two Columns in a WordPress Post

Three Columns in a WordPress Page

Three Columns in a WordPress Post

Three Columns in a WordPress Page

Multiple Columns in a WordPress Page

Multiple Columns in a WordPress Post

Multiple Columns in a WordPress Page

Multiple Columns in a WordPress Post

Sam released his Simplistix theme a few days after my endeavor into multiple columns. Good timing! I really like the layout of the theme and he has some great features.

Get his theme here:
Simplistix theme.

Note: There is a bug within WordPress with the Visual Editor. The editor adds extra “p” tags when you save pages or posts with the visual editor. You might notice that the Visual Editor puts extra lines in your posts. Welcome to the p tag issue! Read about it here:Unwanted tags in HTML Idea: Trust me when I edit HTML

6 thoughts on “Simplistix Theme and Multiple Columns in a WordPress Page

  1. darren

    hey there…

    i am just playing around with the simplistix theme myself, and i was just wondering how you did a couple of things on your site (which is great)

    1) how did you make the sidebar headers bold? for some reason mine are in caps but not bold…

    2) is there a way to make the font larger (like the one that appears in this box that i’m writing in?) if so, where is that!

    3) do you know if you can show slideshows?

    4) how did you get those rss icons to show on your categories?

    thanks in advance..sorry for the questions, i can’t find any simplistix tutorial :-)

  2. RickHap Post author


    Thanks for the questions. I’m working on a response and hope to give you something before the weekend.


  3. darren

    hey rick…just wondering if you ever got a chance to inform me of how to exactly have my sidebars appear like yours.

    i would really appreciate it!!!!

  4. RickHap Post author


    Finally got around to your questions and put up a post with a response. I have some time this weekend to give you some help if you still need it.


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