Video: VDGG Shank Hall Milwaukee 27 June 2009


Video clip with a taste of the Van der Graaf Generator show at Shank Hall in Milwaukee on 27 June 2009. Peter Hammill, Guy Evans and Hugh Banton. “Lifetime” from the album Trisector.

Shank Hall is a classic concert venue. Milwaukee is my favorite city to attend concerts, the fans are always supportive and really into the music. The Strawbs were the opening act, Dave Lambert’s playing and vocals on the song “Ghosts” were outstanding. The Strawbs were the perfect opening act for VDGG.

I had an extra ticket to this show. There is a tattoo parlor across the street from Shank Hall, there were a few people standing out front and I offered the extra ticket for free with no takers. Too busy getting tats or marking tats to see VDGG.

This is the Trisector lineup of VDGG. I heard quite a few people before the show saying that they would like to have David Jackson in the band and they don’t know how this line-up will sound. Trisector has been out for over a year with the trio lineup. Paraphrasing a quote that I read recently: This is the Van der Graaf that you get, take it!

Shank Hall is kind enough to allow photos during the performance. Of course, during my first photo, a flash went off in the house. I triple checked my camera to insure that the flash would not fire. I DID NOT FIRE A FLASH!

The VDGG crowd is getting older and wiser. I did see a guy up in the front of the house get up and fall over a chair during the show. He got up then was looking on the ground for something. My first thought was that thirty years ago he would have been looking for his stash box, he’s now probably looking for his cheater eyeglass case. There was another guy up in the front who was singing to “Man-Erg”, he even had the dramatic arm motions. Wonder if Johnny Rotten sings along to VDGG?

Set List:
Interference Patterns
(In the) Black Room
All That Before
The Sleepwalkers
Over The Hill

Nutter Alert

Wayside Music has the latest Van der Graaf Generator – Live at the Paradiso DVD. This might be a good one to grab if you missed the shows on this tour. Hope you saw a show.

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