Wakely Dam Ultra Run

The Damn Wakely Dam Ultra is a trail run through the peaceful Adirondack Park Wilderness of New York State along a remote and uninterrupted section of the Northville Placid Trail between Piseco Lake and Wakely Dam. There are no cross roads. There are no aid stations.

Wakely Ultra Photos

Wakely 2007 Photos

Wakely 2008 Runner Photos

Wakely 2008 Fun Photos

Wakely 2009 Mark Reinertson’s Shots

I’ve been attending this great Adirondack race as a support crew member for the past several years. Good fun! These runners are amazing athletes and are great people.   The race finishes at the Wakely Dam. The nearest town is Indian Lake. This is a great spot in the Adirondacks for a vacation. In 2009 spent a week at Wakely Dam and had a very active vacation; Camping, Hiking, Biking, Boating, Fishing, Bushwacking and even some golf at Wakely Lodge Golf Course.

The Mayor of Wakely takes good care of you when you are at the Ultra Run.

Here is a photo of the Cedar River Headquarters in 1954.

Click on the photo to read about Wakely Dam – Then and Now.

The night sky at Wakely is very dark. It is one of the darkest places on the East Coast. Great for satellite watching and stargazing (best wishes for a clear night sky, you are in the Adirondacks so no guarantee). More on the  Wakely Night Sky.

Here is the Dark Sky Chart for Wakely:

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